While large companies usually have a financial director in a top-level management position (CFO – Chief Financial Officer), small and medium-sized firms do not. When I ask these smaller companies why not, I get two kinds of answers:

  • We cannot afford another manager!
  • Do we need one? We already have an accountant, banker and tax advisor...

To these firms I offer a simple and economic solution: the services of an external financial director, an external CFO.

  • I will secure more favourable financing conditions.
  • I will optimize costs
  • I will propose solutions that will lead to a more balanced cash-flow
  • I will help with strategic development (I will bring an objective perspective to the development of the company and new opportunities)
  • I will introduce business controlling
  • I will examine the profitability of the individual operations and activities of the company

Business executives are usually concerned with business contracts and the everyday operations of the company, accountants keep financial records, tax advisors advise on how to optimize tax burdens, and in the day-to-day hustle and bustle there is usually no capacity for strategic financial planning and management. It is precisely in this situation that my solution is very convenient, because it brings the know-how of a CFO without burdening the company with further labour costs.

Your external CFO