Case description: The owner turned to me with the requirement of obtaining a larger working capital loan.

Resolution: The client’s credit frame was raised by CZK 1.5 mil., total annual costs paid to the bank were reduced by 50% and, moreover, the increase in the credit frame was realized without requiring further collateral. The client’s new financing arrangement was realized through a different bank than the client had used for over ten years.


Client: trading company

Case description: The owner approached me with a request for a new investment loan, as the [or maybe after the] client’s [current] bank refused further funding.

Resolution: The client obtained further financing of over CZK 10 mil from a new financial institution that offered a suitable solution for the client, and furthermore accepted the collateral conditions offered by the client, all without having to disrupt their relationship with their home bank.


Client: the individual who would run the hotel

Case description: The client approached me with a request to finance a hotel, which she chose and wanted to run long term.

Resolution: The client received the loan necessary to finance 85% of the property, with the condition that hotel’s purchase price would be repaid over the course of three years, as the loan is drawn down. The financial institution provided financing on the basis of a business plan, which I created and defended for the client.

Complete corporate refinancing

Client: A company dealing with property rental.

Case description: The client approached me with a request to arrange the financing of real estate, as the client’s current bank reassessed the company’s financing and pushed the client into conditions they did not want to accept.

Resolution: The client refinanced their loan with a new one from a financial institution that not only fully accepted the existing credit protection, but also helped the client in offering an irregular repayment schedule that reflects the client’s cash flow and the seasonality of revenue and expenditure. The client was so pleased with this solution that they also refinanced their other company and left the original bank.

Financial management of several companies

Client: Owner of several companies operating in the domestic market.

Case description: The client approached me with a request to analyse the companies’ cash-flow, optimize them, and set up cash flow and internal rules so that overdrafts are used minimally and that there are always sufficient funds for the payment of VAT, tax prepayments, and the financing of new projects.

Resolution: In cooperation with his accountant I analysed companies’ cash-flow, designed and implemented internal procedures to manage cash-flow and also the right changes in contracts with suppliers and clients. I also evaluated conditions of his banks and managed changes to improved them. The client will save bank fees, late payment fees and fines as they should not be generated in the future.


Client: A newly established company interested in financing investment in Poland.

Case description: A company founded by a group of former managers interested in investing in Poland and looking to finance this venture.

Resolution: I found a suitable bank operating in both markets and it accepted the client - a Czech company with assets in Poland. Although the vast majority of banks operating in both markets are not able to cooperate internally at an international level, after negotiations with the relevant bank branches, one of them was able to set up the necessary processes to finance this business.