Don’t search for a financial director.

My know-how is all you need.

Why you need a CFO

Having difficulties with company finances?

In need of a financial director, but can't find the budget for one?

Externally commission my solutions in the field of financial management. Entrust your company into the direct care of a financier with more than 20 years' experience from creditor's perspective.



I use my rich experience in financing companies and entrepreneurs in the banking and financial sectors.

I go the extra mile

there is over 150 financial institutions in Czech Republic. I know their rules, products and scope to fulfil client’s requirements.

I do not give up.

I will look for solutions to your needs with the same level of dedication and enthusiasm as you bring to your business.


I am a financier with more than 20 years experience at a senior management level in major international financial institutions (Volkswagen Finance, GE Money, Citibank, Raiffeisen Group). I have secured financing for more than 200,000 clients, including entrepreneurs, small and mid-sized businesses, large corporations and private individuals. I have worked in the leasing sector since its emergence on the Czech market, specialising in finance leases, operating leases and movable collateral lending.

I have financed everything you can imagine – from cars, agricultural technology and photovoltaic cells to land, yachts and aircraft. I have successfully helped clients with financing, interest rate savings, refinancing loans to reduce cash-flow claims and the financing of projects with temporary legal issues.

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