During your business activities have you had at least one of these questions?

  • Does our operational financing meet the needs of our firm and the current opportunities on the financial market?
  • We want to expand, but how do we obtain the required finance?
  • We have a new undertaking; it’s a great opportunity - but how will we manage it economically?
  • We have already secured financing, but we did not think much about [our] current needs and the opportunities on the market – can we get a better product?
  • We have to pay taxes, but how can we ensure that we always have enough cash on our accounts?
  • We want to expand abroad, but our own resources are insufficient – what can we do?

In these and many other situations the role of the financial director is irreplaceable. In contrast to accountants or tax advisors, financial directors think strategically, evaluating the economics of the company from a broader, long-term perspective, helping owners and senior management to make the right decision. That is why his work is very useful.

Your external CFO